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Sometimes life can be hard. For all sorts of reasons, we might find ourselves facing difficulties, past or present, which we cannot resolve on our own. Perhaps our usual methods of coping are no longer helpful. Sometimes sharing problems with someone who can listen with empathy and compassion, outside or separate to family and friends, is needed or desired.

I can offer a confidential, non-judgemental and safe space for you as the client to reflect and perhaps acquire valuable skills to help you along the way. I work with and treat:

   *    Anxiety, Stress and Worry
   *    Depression
   *    Bereavement
   *    Relationship difficulties
   *    Self Esteem and Self Worth
   *    Anger and Assertiveness
   *    Identity Issues
   *    Eating Disorders (See separate tab for this speciality)
   *    For any other specific issues, I would signpost you to a relevant party.

Please read the ‘My Approach’ section on this website to learn about my qualifications, experience and methods of counselling.